The 22nd Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award


img5.pngThe 22nd Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award

Innovative features:

Compared with ball rails, it has higher rigidity and load.
[Innovative use of multi-component injection molding (Multi-Component Molding) on dustproof sealing sheet.
Simplification and optimization of parts slewing mechanism.
Reduce the number of components, and the long product life can reduce resource waste.

 Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award

STAF roller linear slide SG series

This award aims to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to engage in innovative research and development, improve technical standards, enhance enterprise competitiveness and promote industrial upgrading for innovative products, technologies, processes, and services. It aims at long-term and continuous self-organization in a systematic and systematic manner. SMEs engaged in innovative research with concrete results are selected for their outstanding performance in terms of innovation, practicability, representativeness or international competitiveness, with a view to taking root in technology to achieve the effect of industrial upgrading and sound development.