OME Wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2022 with Liquid Handling System
OME Wins Taiwan Excellence Award with Liquid Handling System Taipei, Taiwan (November 30, 2021) OME Technology, a professional Linear Motion Solution Provider, announced that their Liquid Handling System has been selected by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs as winners of the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Awards. The Liquid Handling System, also known as “Automated Nucleic-Acid Extractor” (NAPB-16) is capable of extracting DNA/RNA together with reactive medicine within half to one hour after inputting the blood sample in the pre-processing phase. It can be employed in testing of hereditary diseases or viruses. Up to 16 samples can be handled in parallel. As compared to the time and labor-consuming manual extraction of DNA/RNA, the fully automated separation and extraction technology conforms better to the contemporary demand of “speed” towards nucleic-acid testing. It features Built-In Motion Control allowing multiple functions of the machine’s motion to maximize the performance of reagents and Wide Applicability in nucleic acid extraction, liquid filling/dispensing, reagent processing, and optimization of biochemical experiments. An expert in R&D of transmission components such as linear guides, OME Technology’s Precision Positioning Technology has always been its second driving force. The company has passed GMP and ISO 13485 certification. The Taiwan Excellence Award The Taiwan Excellence Award is awarded annually to a select group of globally recognized design, exceptional quality, and innovative thinking; nominated products must excel in R&D, design, quality, marketing and “made in Taiwan” categories. Over the years, the Taiwan Excellence Award has become one of the most prestigious product recognition programs in Asia, with hundreds of companies competing annually for the award, according to the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.
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Founded in 2004, OME Technology provides over 1,400 different product items of linear motion components. Moreover, with 1 mechanical Lab, 2 plants located in Taiwan, OME offers its high quality products and exquisite services to over 250 universal customers including the premium brands in global industrial world.  In brief, equipped with professional manufacturing factories, R&D talents, strong marketing and sales network, OME focuses on high quality of products and exquisitely serves the global big names in high-end, niche and long-tail markets. Besides, by upgrading its technology from micron rating to nanometer scale, OME is recently going to not only keep serving its customers in diverse applications but also serve them better.