OME Technology Forge a Smart Factory for High-Efficiency Supply Chain

OME Technology Forge a Smart Factory for High-Efficiency Supply Chain

OME Technology, a specialized manufacturer in linear motion products, announced the construction of a new smart factory, occupying an area of about 19,835 m2 at the cost of NTD 1.6 billion. In addition to the IoT facilities, this new factory also has a supply chain management system for the collection of processing data.It aims to provide customers with a more accurate production schedule, delivery date, and quality control reports. The transparent information is used to provide more value added services, it aspires to promote its competitiveness and growth to win more high-end orders.

Not only aspire to augment productivity, with the development of the smart factory, OME Technology also aims to integrate information from the customer-end to the production-end. Providing more added services other than product sales, it endeavors to deepen and differentiate its competitiveness in order to win more indicative or high-end customers,” Vincent Wu, the General Manager, said.

Wu further explained that to consolidate the integration, analysis, and application of data, OME Technology focuses not only on the construct of onsite IIoT but also conducts advanced deployment. The integration of IT and OT promotes overall production and quality efficiency to provide customers with international and high-quality services.

The above picture from the left side to the right:
Daniel Chang - Vice President & Product Planning Director / Vincent Wu - President / Kuo-Fu Liao - Chairman