Groundbreaking ceremony for Daxi Plant in Taoyuan

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Daxi Plant in Taoyuan

OME Technology held a ground breaking ceremony for smart plant on September 11th.

With a dig of their golden shovels, OME Chairman - Kuo-Fu Liao, OME President - Vincent Wu, Taoyuan Mayor - Cheng Wen-tsan, and other top brass break ground on a new plant in Daxi District.

The state-of-the-art factory will provide customers with a more accurate production schedule, delivery date, and quality control reports, using a dense mesh of technologies that are integrated and cooperating into a smarter, more efficient whole.

OME Chairman-Kuo-Fu Liao, is speaking at the ground breaking ceremony.

OME Chairman - Kuo-Fu Liao and Taoyuan Mayor signed on the golden shovels as gifts to each other. (The second one from the right is OME President - Vincent Wu)