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Learning about Linear Guides

We can see applications of linear guides everywhere in our daily life, starting from the small robotic arms used in medical treatments up to large aircraft landing gear, MRT gates mechanism, and so forth. AS the key part to precision instruments, linear guides are widely used in all types of precision machinery, automation, and power transmission, and semiconductor, medical and aerospace industries.With the rising environmental consciousness in the 21st century, all types of industrial products are moving towards the development trends of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.OME Technology is proud to lead the industry by introducing energy conservation and environmental protection and by producing the highest quality service to provide the maximum benefit for our customers.

How to Select Linear Guide

Linear dynamic system with its extensive application scopes and use patterns has different design requirements. Besides, linear guide way lifetime, based on various kinds of parameters, such as, use load and speed, design size etc., with indefinite reference factors, causes troubles for users.Therefore, standard selection flows may avoid specification errors and time cost, and follows are selection steps recommended by STAF

How to Mount the Rails

In order to obtain a better linear guide way use quality, firstly, it shall choose a correct model. However, the last key point may affect use quality shall be linear guide way installation, namely, select a proper linear guide way. Moreover, poor installation quality may affect product servicelife and running performance on a large scale, and a better installation could be reached inaccordance with relevant installation, design principles and procedures. Followings are design.

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